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Facebook Anthem

Funny video. Totally love it. If you use Facebook, this one is a must watch.

And, just to be clear on this, I hate facebook because it’s too complicated for me.
And, it’s a waste of time. ( see comic below )
( is one of my favorite comics)
I think you’d understand my frustration if you take a [...]

Twitter woes

Continuing with my twitter post, three things are still broken.
1. Pagination and IM are currently disabled. Sigh.

2. Older posts are not accessible.

3. RSS feeds are not working (is it just me?). My feed reader isn’t updating any feeds from my twitter page.
With all the news, Twitter is definitely getting a lot of eyeballs though. Does [...]

Orkut officially launched it’s India version. Go check it out.
Update: And the launch of themes.( if you don’t seem them on the top next to your account info/logout tab, you should see it once the changes are rolled out to everyone)

Twitter !love

With all the Twitter bashing going around on the blogosphere, my friends are joining the protests.
Complaint no. 1 – Twitter doesn’t have sms capabilities in India.
Complaint no. 2 – There is no way to twitter from Orkut ! How now ? lol

Sketch a day

I launched my sketch a day blog. You can find it here. 
See if you like it !
On a side note, an update on my new years resolutions. Checked off 13, 18, 20 and 24 off that list.

Think Different

I can’t seem to get over this video. I must have seen it a few thousand times until now.
“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

Philosophical question

Every once in a while I make up random questionaires and send it to my friends.
Here is a new one for all of you. This one is a philosophical question a friend called Tarun asked me recently.
( There is a frame embedded in here. If you’re on a feed reader, you may not be able [...]

Be Netsmart – Google Initiative

While we are talking about Google, I wanted to mention something very exciting that we did 2 months ago.
Google partnered with the Mumbai Police to create cyber awareness by starting a program called the ‘Be Netsmart’ campaign. This campaign was run at various schools in Mumbai, with school children and teachers being the primary audience. [...]

Google Translate for Hindi

I’ve heard a lot of people ask for it. And here it is finally.
Take a look at the English > Hindi translator tool in Google Translate.
You can do a lot of things using this feature. A few of them include:
- Do a search in English, and it automatically translates all the search results into Hindi.
- [...]