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Why are Indians

What the web asks Google about Indians. Funny stuff.
idea from #

Currently reading, On the Road

by Jack Kerouac.

The book, has no paragraphs. It was originally written on a scroll of paper, instead of the regular sheets of paper, and has no paragraphs. It’s like one long memory  typed in one long paragraph.
Wikipedia entry:
On the Road is a novel by American writer Jack Kerouac, written in April 1951, and published by [...]

Google Internet Bus

I was on the Google Internet Bus (a unique project in India), taking Internet to small towns in a customized Bus.
From Anantapur to Kurnool and back to Hyderabad. The GBus was in the Google Hyderabad office for a couple of days, before it took off for Karimnagar. You can see the schedule for the bus [...]

I know why I’m angry

I am angry right now.
But I know why I’m angry.
It’s these situations that get me angry,
situations with people I care.
Places that I’m put myself into,
And my fear that gets me angry.
But I know why I’m angry.
Drink, smoke, and dance,
I can see how it plays out.
Success, values, and lifestyle.
Acheivements. Choices one makes.
I know why I’m angry.
My [...]

Ideas for Twitter

Twitter should make mobile based links identifiable (while surfing twitter on the phone). The current experience involves clicking on links, which eventually need to be seen on a big screen. There isn’t a good way to save these links for further viewing either.
It should look something like this.

See the little [M] next to the link? [...]

Our genes/DNA

Random thoughts, written long back. If they aren’t comprehensible, I blame lack of sleep.
I just had a weird thought. What if really we all are just carriers, our whole purpose in this life is to try and evolve. Just find the best use of all the resources around us and try to progress. And while [...]